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More Bulldozin' And Shakin' at the Fairgrounds

Posted September 4, 2007 10:29 p.m. EDT

The Fairgrounds has been a very busy place these last few years, with or without the Fair. The old Red Cross building was torn down and replaced, the Grandstand area was partially reduced and turned into a midway, Jim Martin got a new building just off said midway, and -- what's that? MORE bulldozers?

That's right. As you can see by the picture, the parking lot next to the Kerr Scott Building is busily being torn up. (Which means that all the easy parking for the Flea Market is gone. The bad news is you'll have to walk further. The good news is there's a tram running through the parking lots, making it easy to get a ride up the hill.)

So what's going on? Another building, perhaps? More midway? Deep-Fried Twinkie conduits to send exotic snacks to all corners of the Fair? Alas, it's a bit more prosaic than that. Department of Agriculture representative Brian Long told me that the work is to upgrade electrical infrastructure near the Kerr Scott building. Remember all those large electrical transfer boxes in the new midway area? Remember all those large bundles of cords that (thanks to the boxes) WEREN'T there and that you DIDN'T trip over?

The Scott Building parking lot is getting similar treatment along with some paving and regrading. It should make it an even more pleasant stroll now when you're headed up the hill to get some Irish stew or catch one of the folk performances.