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It's Almost Time for the Fair!

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It's the day after tomorrow -- the day after tomorrow -- the Fair starts the day after tomorrow!

Last year the Fair generated huge attendance numbers (over 830,000 people!) and lots of compliments for the new-look midway and midway vendor.

This year will have even more changes, with new buildings, revamped buildings, yet another new midway vendor, new entertainers, and grilled cheese sandwiches. (More about that in another entry!)

For the next two weeks at the State Fair will take you on a tour of some of the new features, tip you to some things you may not have known about, and of course explore the ever-present and ever-terrific whirl of food, rides, games, exhibits, and all-around fun.

And hey, this isn't the only place you can get news about the Fair. Check out the WRAL headlines on the lower-right side of this page. Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!