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CSI Raleigh, Sort Of

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No, it's not a new TV show coming your way, it's the City-County Bureau of Identification, which is in its second year of a booth at the Kerr Scott Building.

Manning the booth Friday morning were Murray Gibson, a crime scene investigator, and Melissa, a photographer. The CCBI does a number of things in Wake County, including examining crime scene evidence, maintaining criminal record and fingerprint files in Wake County arrests, and performing non-criminal fingerprint ID services for the general public.

To that end they were giving away identification kits which included ink strips and a small pamphlet that allows you to gather identification information in one place (hair for DNA samples, fingerprints, a recent photograph, etc.) They were also giving away little magnifying glasses.

Murray Gibson loves his job. "When you come to work, you don't know what you'll be doing that day. We cover everything from car break-ins to airplane crashes." As you might expect, shows like CSI:Miami have raised interest in his department a lot. "There are many more people interested in what we do and how we do it than there used to be. We have people come in and tour -- Boy Scout groups come in, for example." The CCBI will also go to schools and give presentations on their work.

Raised interest about the CCBI has also led to more questions -- some of them kind of odd. "We get all kinds of questions," Murray said. "We get people asking if you can get fingerprints off snow, that kind of thing." Got some questions of your own? Drop by the CCBI booth in the Kerr Scott Building and they'll be happy to answer them for you.