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Drumming With the Procrastinators

Tinka-tinka-tinka-tinka-tink BAM BAM.



If you walk around the fairgrounds you can see where they've been (they chalk their names onto the asphalt before they perform) but if you want to know where they are, you only have to listen. For three guys and a drumkit that includes wooden stools, cooking pots, and water bottles, these guys make a lot of noise. "These guys" are The Procrastinators. They're a trio of drummers (actually they're three of several -- the group has a core group of about 25 and a total membership of about 50) who tour the country. The trio we've got at the Fair -- Daren, Mike, and Cacho -- will be performing eight shows a day during the weekdays and ten shows a day on the weekends.

(I don't know how they decide where they're going to be next; I saw chalk marks near the Expo Center, the Porcelain Doll dart game, in front of Lil' Pardner land, and across from the Grandstand.)

The Procrastinators was founded six years ago in San Diego, where some friends were preparing for a talent show. They waited until the last minute -- thus the names -- and put together a drum kit from found materials -- thus the percussion -- and that was the beginning. Now teams of Procrastinators perform all over the country in very fast-paced, very loud shows. As you might expect the drumming can be a little hard on thier ersatz kits. Daren told me that the water bottles have to be replaced a lot -- DS Waters, which provides the bottles, is actually one of their sponsors -- but the stools last a while. At that Cacho and Mike informed me that the stools may last a while, but Daren had already split his. The kit splits up so after the show they just break it down and walk away.

If you hear them, get there quick! They draw big crowds and it's usually hard to see after a few minutes. Be careful about standing at the front, though -- a couple of times they start looking for volunteers.....