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Taste Test -- Deep Fried Coca-Cola

Posted October 14, 2006 11:00 p.m. EDT

Every year they fry something else and every year I become convinced that this time, THIS TIME, they have fried the weirdest thing possible and there will be no more odd fried food. And every year I am wrong.

This year it's deep-fried Coca-Cola.

How do they do that? Funnel cake batter cooked with Coke instead of water. Once it's fried put it in a Coke cup, put Coke syrup on it, and add some powdered sugar, whipped cream, and a cherry. Serve to an unsuspecting customer.

Oh, all right, I admit it, nobody made me try it. I bought the Deep Fried Coke (the concession at the grandstand sells it) and went to my regular food-tasting spot in the grandstand. Apparently you eat DFC with a fork. I tried it.


Um. If you like funnel cake, I guess you'd like this. It tasted like funnel cake. That someone had doused liberally with Coca-Cola. Flat Coca-Cola. And then crammed into a cup.

I have tried the fried Ho-Hos and the strawberries and the various things that get subjected to batter and a fryer, but this ranks pretty near the bottom of my list.

Coca-Cola and Funnel Cake: two great tastes that in my humble opinion should be kept in separate containers.