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60 Years of the Village of Yesteryear

Posted October 19, 2011 5:17 p.m. EDT

Congratulations to the Village of Yesteryear, which is celebrating 60 years as part of the North Carolina State Fair!

If you've never been to the round building near the Flower & Garden exhibit, check it out. There are dozens of craftspeople with examples of everything from silversmithing to soap making to pottery to scrimshaw to tatting to origami.

Not only are these crafts for sale (great place for holiday shopping) but you can also watch them in progress. You can watch a pot being thrown, rugs being made, glass items being fashioned, and wood being carved.

You can learn more about the Village of Yesteryear and the people who make up the annual event at http://www.villageofyesteryear.org . And just because The Village of Yesteryear features traditional handcrafts doesn't mean it's behind the times! You can also find it on Facebook, at
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Village-of-Yesteryear/114237995284987 .