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Taste test: deep fried brownie

Posted October 18, 2011 7:23 p.m. EDT

If you're looking for a deep-fried dessert and you're over near the Dorton Arena, keep an eye out for the orange Chef's D'Lite's truck. Here you'll find a variety of sweet offerings, including the deep-fried brownie. It's a good-sized brownie, too, covered with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate. It'll run you $6.

Bring your good-sized appetite or better yet someone to share; like I said this is a big brownie. It has a pretty good coating of batter but not so much that you're going to miss the brownie taste.

Which is good -- this was a very tasty brownie! It was warm from the frying and soft without being "gooshy" (if I may use a technical term.)

The problem was that the batter and the frying didn't add a lot to the brownie. A brownie is a cake-like thing, so a fried brownie is a cake-like thing wrapped in a bread-like thing.

Tasty, therefore, but kind of redundant. I think next time I'd skip this and get the deep fried banana pudding bites from the same place.