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Taste Test: Crepes!

Posted October 17, 2011 5:42 p.m. EDT

When I think of Fair Food the first thing that springs to mind is CREPES!

No it isn't. But after this year it'll definitely be on the list.

Between Dorton Arena and the Jim Graham building you'll find a booth selling crepes -- the first year at the Fair for this company. There are all kinds of crepes here, up to and including pizza crepes. I got a crepe with bananas and whipped cream -- no filling, I wanted to be able to taste the crepe well -- and paid $4.50.

If you're in a hurry do not go here. Come here when you have a little time. It took a few minutes to make the crepe, cut up the banana, etc. This booth does not have tables but if you go down the walkway toward the Jim Graham building, and take a right before you walk in the door, you'll find a little sidewalk area with wooden edging that's just the right height to sit down and eat. (And despite its proximity to the Graham building there's no smell and it's fairly quiet.)

I don't have a lot of crepe-tasting experience, but I loved these. They were hot and fresh, like lighter pancakes (big surprise!) and the whipped cream was delicious. I may have to come back here and try a pizza crepe, or maybe another crepe with Nutella filling. Mmmm.... Nutella....