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Taste Test: Goober Burger

Posted October 16, 2011 3:16 p.m. EDT

"What the heck is a Goober Burger?" I asked my husband, noticing the sign.

He pondered. "Burger with chopped up peanuts?"

Though the idea reminded me fondly of the olive burgers from Scotty's way back in the day (remember Scotty's at North Hills and the green olive burgers? I'm making myself hungry) I figured peanuts on a burger was way too normal for the Fair. And I was right.

A Goober Burger is a hamburger, peanut butter, and jelly (choice of strawberry or grape.) Two Krispy Kreme donuts make the bun. It was $6.

This is hands-down the sloppiest Fair item I have ever eaten. If this is finger food I am Marie of Romania. I should have gotten a fork. Thank goodness I had hand sanitizer and water and a few extra napkins. I think it took longer to clean up from eating this than to actually eat it. Imagine picking up a burger with a Krispy Kreme bun and biting into it, except there's lots of condiments on it and nothing like lettuce or pickles or anything to keep them in proximity to the burger. And the viscosity of the jelly is such that it leaps off the burger and on to your hand. Or arm. Or lap. Or all three.

Eventually I gave in to the sloppiness and tried the burger. There's something oddly appealing about the peanut butter and the burger together, but the jelly didn't do anything for it at all. (Nor did it do anything for my shirt and my pants.) I had a couple bites and thought about it, and realized that I'd prefer some mustard instead of jelly. Then you'd have the sweetness of the donuts and the peanut butter, and then some savory flavor to complement the sweetness and the burger.

And as an extra, I think the mustard would be less messy than the jelly.

If you dare, and you have extra napkins, you'll find the Goober Burger on the "main drag" between the Dorton Arena and the Kerr Scott building.