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Taste test: (not really) deep fried bubblegum

Posted October 7, 2011 8:33 a.m. EDT

One of the joys of our modern age is that I can take a picture of something before I taste test it, text it to my friends, and enjoy their outraged responses as I'm eating.

Unfortunately I can't quote any of their responses because they all thought the item I was eating looked gross and expressed that opinion colorfully. And they were right, it was pretty gross. Thankfully however the item I was taste testing was not quite what it said on the sign.

The sign said "Deep fried bubble gum" and I immediately thought, no. All I could imagine was a hunk of Dubble Bubble, wrapped in batter and deep-fried. And that did not appeal. (Would you swallow it? Chew it up and spit it out?) However the folks at D&J Concessions (where I got the stuff) set my mind at ease: actually there's bubblegum flavoring here, but what's being deep fried is a marshmallow wrapped in bubblegum-flavored batter. Some icing is put on top and it's festooned with Chiclets.

Yes, it is hideous. But it didn't taste too bad. The marshmallow was hot and goopy (but fortunately not lava-like.) The batter tasted pleasant and was useful to sop up the marshmallow. I passed on the Chiclets.

Like other fair foods, this is going on my "I can say I ate it but I probably won't repeat the experience," list. For $5, I would much rather get another serving of deep-fried Kool-Aid (more about that in a couple of posts.)