WRAL.com at the State Fair

Dixie Classic is here and the Fair is a week away!

Posted October 6, 2011 8:13 p.m. EDT

Where did the year go?

It seemed like a few minutes ago I was in the basement, taking cover from tornadoes. Then I blinked and it was a zillion degrees outside. Then I blinked again and the Dixie Classic Fair has already been in town for a week and the North Carolina State Fair is a week from TODAY!

Somewhere amongst all that blinking however I did get a chance to go to the Dixie Classic Fair, attending Friday and being pleasantly surprised at the ticket price ($3 because I got there early.) I have some things to tell you about, including the deep-fried alleged bubble gum (I have never been so glad that the sign was wrong) and the deep-fried Kool-Aid (which was actually pretty good!) but let me hit some highlights:

MIDWAY THINGS -- The big newcomer this year? Angry Birds. Angry Birds EVERYWHERE. I won the "Green Pig" playing Whac-A-Mole. "Everybody wants the green pig," the game operator said, handing it to me. "Why? It's green. It's a pig." Speaking of green, there were Green Lantern prizes everywhere but I didn't see too much interest in them. The Family Guy character "Stewie" remains a popular prize. And Smurfs! Good grief.

GUMMI THINGS -- Skulls on sticks. Frog legs.

THINGS I KEEP FORGETTING -- The 75 cent tea on the midway. I need to write myself a note.

NEW THINGS ON THE MIDWAY -- A shooting gallery. For three bucks you get 25 light beam shots from a pistol or a rifle. Hit the gallery items (spitoon, skull, can, stuffed buzzard, piano player's stool) and yell, jump up in the air, play piano, make a shot-spitoon noise, etc.

THINGS YOU WON'T SEE IN RALEIGH -- The BATCOPTER. Still functional, but displayed at the Dixie Classic without rotor blades (too big for the exhibit hall.) You'll have to endure the North Carolina State Fair without shark repellent.