The death of Michael Anthony Kerr

Michael Kerr, a 53-year-old inmate serving a 31-year sentence for firing a weapon at private property and repeated felony convictions, was found dead in the back of a prison transport van after he was moved to Central Prison in Raleigh on March 12, 2014.

An Army veteran who suffered from schizoaffective disorder that went untreated for at least six months, Kerr was left handcuffed for five days in solitary confinement at Alexander Correctional Institution before prison officials finally transported him to Central about three hours away, where he was expected to received more specialized care.

No charges have been filed, but both federal and state authorities continue to investigate Kerr's death. Meanwhile, 25 people resigned or were disciplined in the wake of the incident, some of whom have successfully appealed their dismissals in state courts.