City of Roxboro Salaries

Source: City of Roxboro

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$41,427 Meter ReaderRaw Water Supply
$52,872 City ManagerGarage
$23,067 Acct. Tech/Office ManagerFire Department
$43,283 City EngineerWastewater Treatment Plant
$43,497 Communications OfficerFire Department
$32,299 Public Utilities WorkerBuilding & Grounds
$39,453 Public Services Crew LeaderPolice Department
$34,081 Treatment Plant OperatorWastewater Treatment Plant
$23,068 Street/Grounds Maintenance WorkerPolice Department
$30,759 Criminal Investigations Division OfficerWater Line Construction & Maintenance
$28,600 Police OfficerWastewater Treatment Plant
$32,458 Fire EngineerPump Stations
$50,102 Police OfficerFire Department
$35,608 Building Maintenance WorkerPolice Department
$29,440 District Commander (Lt.)Fire Department
$24,220 Animal Control OfficerPump Stations
$39,453 Assistant Fire Shift Leader (Lt.)Narcotics Division
$21,969 ChemistPolice Department
$34,081 Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant MechanicStreet Maintenance
$32,458 Planning/Development DirectorSewer Line Construction & Maintenance
$50,354 Police OfficerWastewater Treatment Plant
$26,704 CID Lieutenant Criminal Investigation Division
$34,081 Garage SupervisorSewer Line Construction & Maintenance
$23,068 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator IIIFinance Department
$26,703 Street/Grounds Maintenance WorkerStreet Cleaning
$34,081 Water/Wastewater Equipment MechanicFire Department
$43,497 Collections/Accounting ClerkFire Department
$23,068 Assistant Fire Shift Leader (Lt.)Water Plant
$34,081 Assistant Fire Shift Leader (Lt.)Fire Department
$34,081 Fire Engineer Commercial Garbage Collection
$24,220 Public Utilities WorkerWastewater Treatment Plant
$39,453 Water/Wastewater Equip. Mechanic HelperWastewater Treatment Plant
$39,453 Human Resources ManagerCriminal Investigation Division
$32,458 Fire Engineer (trainee)Street Maintenance
$36,507 Records ManagerPolice Department
$39,453 Treatment Plant OperatorStreet Maintenance
$32,458 Fire ChiefPolice Department
$45,672 Police OfficerCriminal Investigation Division
$68,141 Fire Engineer (trainee)Narcotics Division
$34,081 Street/Grounds Maintenance WorkerGarage
$30,912 Assistant Fire Shift Leader (Lt.)Wastewater Treatment Plant