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From Apex

Posted May 19, 2011 2:17 p.m. EDT

Greg, I have been a Lineman/Serviceman and Distribution Dispatcher for the then Carolina Power & Light Co. (Now Progress Energy), and I worked the area from Raleigh, Roxboro, Rocky Mount area, Selma, Angier, and surrounding area for the last 38 years, and although you are not the O-Fishel Forecaster for Progress Energy, you have been a Very Valuable part of My life in “How,” and “How Long,” I “Work,” because the “Weather” dictates “How” My Life will turn out in “Keeping the Lights On” for people. And with Your Excellently in Forecasting the Weather in the Area I worked in and around for the last 38 years, you have Really Prepared me in My Work. Thanks a Million for “Preparing” me for the Days to Come, and “How” My Life Will Be in Your Weather Forecasts in all those years. Thanks again.