Local News

From Charles and Lydia in Laurinburg

Posted May 15, 2011 2:01 p.m. EDT

It's been thirty years Greg Fishel and in each you've served us well.

We've been through much together, there's just so much to tell.

You've helped us plan vacations, let us know if the sky would be blue,

And reminded us to take our umbrellas so we could stay dry, too.

You've helped us brave each snow, each rain, brave sunny laughter, tornadic pain.

Hoping for those sunny skies and not those clouds of rain, we always tune in each day to hear what you'll say again.


Yes, you've shown us your commitment in everything you do, forecasting each day's weather, and most times it's even true!

Your ever ready wit, your dry humor, too, are just parts of the reason your viewers love you.

We're glad you're not retiring, what a sting that would be, even though

Elizabeth would send our warnings if you should ever flee, please know

we wish you lots more years of weather forecasting glee. We like things the way they are and hope they'll always be. 

So, here's to YOU Greg Fishel, on a job that's been well done, we're wishing you a happy, happy anniversary, Greg, you truly are our O'Fishel One!

Happy Anniversary!