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From Trudy in Zebulon

Greg, this may be your most interesting one yet!

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Greg, this may be your most interesting one yet! Several years ago we were on vacation at Myrtle Beach. While lying on the beach with my grandaughter, a man walks in front of us adorning a straw hat and sunglasses (and, yes, bathing trunks, too) in addition to sporting a cast on his arm. My entire family knows I think you are the only weather man on this earth. So when you, (yes, YOU!) walked by me on the beach I immediately jumped up and told my grandaugher I thought it was you and I was going to introduce myself and get your autograph plus take a picture with you. My grandaughter yelled "MeMa, you don't even know if it is him and you are going to embarrass us both!" So after watching you for another few minutes I decided it couldn't be you because I would have heard about the broken arm. You can imagine my surprise a few days later when we returned home, and there you were on tv with a broken arm! So, Greg, there would have been a picture to have shared for this special occasion had I not second-guessed your identity that day many years ago on the beach! I still think you are the greatest weatherman I know. Congratulations!!

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