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From Thayer in Chapel Hill

Happy thirty years.

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Hi Greg,

Happy thirty years. I remember March 14-20 1993, when I was doing volunteer work on Mt. Mitchell. It was a Friday night, and it just started to snow, soon the snow was sticking, and by midnight it was over a foot. The next day it snowed even harder, and that night, we had thunder snow. Finally, late Sunday afternoon, it stopped. We were literally snowed in. There were five us stranded in that storm, myself, my friend Glenda, Jack Bradley, the head Ranger, who is now the Superintendat of the park, John Sharpe, who was the Superintendant at the time, and his wife, Ginger. I beleive the final total was 56, or 57 inches of snow, the most in one snowfall for Mt. Mitchell, and we survived it. The snow was over the buildings, and we had to dig paths in the snow. We couldn't clear the snow, because we were snowed in, so a park attendant came up with a couple of people from the parkway, to clear the snow from the parkway, and the road to Mt. Mitchell. Finally, after being trapped in the snow for over five days, we were out and were able to drive down the mountain. I was just glad that I had a warm place to sleep, while we were stranded. I'll never foget this story and keep telling it to people until the day I die. Sure, 57 inche's of snow may not seem like much to someone in California, or Colorado, but it sure was alot of snow for North Carolina.

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