Local News

From Tony in Raleigh

Posted May 4, 2011 8:02 a.m. EDT

Hi, I remember when you came, you had a seriousness about the weather and a passion that is still there. I remember those times when it looked like bad weather would be coming to our area, you were the one who would stay up all night -- till the threat was gone. Thank you!

I also you wanted the station to get a better system, (Doppler) you pushed, pleaded and finally it is here and has been here for a while. Thank you!

You come across as "real" on TV, and your integrity concerning the weather is always displayed, even when it gets a little nutty late weekends (long time ago) and now at the 1100pm hour. Thanks for being real.

I told my wife, the other station's weather people see your forecast then they report on what you say. (there may be a little truth to this) but it made her laugh anyways.

Congrats on 30 years of superb weather reporting and warning us viewers when we needed to be concerned for our lives.