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Oxford city workers get new dress code

Posted April 14, 2011 4:45 p.m. EDT
Updated April 14, 2011 6:05 p.m. EDT

— No flip-flops, no cleavage or T-shirts.

Those are some of the rules that city of Oxford employees will have to follow under a new dress code.

City Manager Mark Donham said there haven't been any problems, but the city wanted a formal dress code to ensure that questionable attire stays out of city offices.

Residents interviewed by WRAL News generally approved of the idea.

"I think working for the city is a privilege," Oxford resident Tom Le said. "You're working for the government, and you represent the people, so I think a professional look will give them more credibility with the people."

Lori Sharp, who sported rhine-studded flip-flops and cropped jeans as she worked at Stovall's Gift Shop, said she sees a difference between her job and those of city workers.

"In my job, that's probably appropriate, because I work retail in the public. But if you're dealing with sensitive matters that people in the city might have to deal with, I think that it is appropriate to dress professionally," Sharp said.

The new dress code forbids city workers from showing cleavage, excess skin or undergarments. Spandex pants, shorts, T-shirts, strapless dresses and flip-flops are banned.

"We wanted to establish a code. We didn't have one," Donham said. "We wanted to set it up as a business casual code."

The dress code doesn't apply to workers who wear uniforms, and it allows flexibility for those who work outdoors.

Employees who violate the dress code will receive a warning or be asked to go home and change clothes.