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Greyhound to review security measures

Posted February 4, 2011 10:53 p.m. EST
Updated February 4, 2011 11:05 p.m. EST

— Greyhound officials are taking a second look at security measures in light of a Thursday night incident where a man hijacked one of their buses headed to Raleigh.

Passengers said Jose Flores, 32, had a gun and implied that he had a bomb too.

Xavier Little said he wasn’t sure he would get off the bus alive.

“He just kept yelling, ‘Ya’ll got a problem? Ya’ll going to do something. I got nine shots and I’ll start killing right from the front,’” Little said.

Flores was taken into custody when the bus stopped at a Henderson gas station. No one was injured.

Maureen Richmond, a spokeswoman for Greyhound, said the company has security measures in place the public can see and some they can’t.

“They are subject to random bag screens and random personal wanding,” Richmond said.

Michael Longmire, chief executive officer of security consulting firm Risk Management Association, said the truth is, buses are hard to protect.

“It is very unlikely you would be able to secure that type of transportation like you have airports,” he said.

Longmire said buses make several stops, picking up passengers at unsecure locations. Richmond said that is the biggest security challenge.

Longmire said safety depends greatly on the people inside the bus, and passengers should be alert.

“Look for the exits. How are you going to get out of there?” he said.

Passengers should also check the people sitting nearby, being alert to those who act unusual or strange.

Longmire said the lack of injuries in Thursday night’s hijacking might be because passengers tried to remain calm in a very frightening situation.