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Windsor still rebuilding after September flood

Posted January 20, 2011 5:00 p.m. EST
Updated January 21, 2011 6:37 p.m. EST

— The down east community of Windsor, in Bertie County, is still struggling to bounce back from a major flood in September.

Days of heavy rain, which dumped 4 feet of water in some places, devastated the town and flooded about 200 homes and business.

When the waters receded, the town was left with a massive clean-up and mountains of debris.

The flood was reminiscent of waters that drenched the town in1999. 

“It was heartbreaking. It really was, because nobody expected it again so soon,” said resident Kate Cale, who works at a church in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods.

September's storm flooded a classroom, but spared the sanctuary. They resumed service soon after, but many surrounding neighbors still have not returned.

“There has been a lot of help up and down this street with the houses,” Cale said.

Lynette Mallery said she lost just about everything she owned when a storage unit filled with her personal items was flooded. She also owns a bed and breakfast, and water flooded her basement, knocking out the heat.

Mallery was forced to close for a month, and many of her fellow business owners got it even worse. The main business district saw about 4.5 feet of water.

“The town has rebuilt very quickly. The town is amazing,” Mallery said.

As of January, some of the flooded businesses have reopened. Others remained closed, waiting on insurance or other aid to come through.

“I think as a community we've pulled together very quickly and we've had a lot of support,” Mallery said.