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Charlotte dealer No. 2 on list of stores selling 'crime guns'

Posted December 13, 2010 4:15 p.m. EST

— A Charlotte gun dealer ranked second in the nation in a list of stores selling guns later linked to crimes, according to data published Monday by The Washington Post.

The Post obtained the list of stores across the nation that had the most traces for firearms recovered by police as part of a special report on gun trafficking.

More than 2,000 guns sold by Charlotte's Hyatt Coin and Gun, at 3332 Wilkinson Blvd., were classified as "crime guns" recovered by police since 2006, according to federal data.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) defines a crime gun as “any firearm that is illegally possessed, used in a crime, or suspected to have been used in a crime.”

Larry Hyatt told The Post that the Charlotte store sells 50 guns a day, but can't be held responsible for the weapons once they leave the store. He said guns could be resold, inherited or stolen, The Post reported.

The Top 10 dealers of "crime guns" in America are:

Vance Outdoors, Columbus, Ohio – 2,390 traces

Hyatt Coin and Gun, Charlotte, N.C. – 2,055 traces

Dons Guns and Galleries, Indianapolis – 1,910 traces

Guns and Ammo, Memphis – 1,865 traces

Arrowhead Pawn, Jonesboro, Georgia – 1,720 traces

Badger Guns, W. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 1,700 traces

Trader Sports, San Leandro, California – 1,605 traces

Lone Wolf Trading Co, Glendale, Arizona – 1,515 traces

Candler Road Pawn Shop, Decatur, Georgia – 1,325 traces

Shooters of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida – 1,320 traces