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Raleigh mobile home park goes dry

Posted November 28, 2010 3:10 p.m. EST
Updated November 28, 2010 11:31 p.m. EST

— Dozens of residents of a Raleigh mobile home park have been living without water service since late Wednesday.

Rose Cole, 82, said she and neighbors in the Horseshoe Mobile Home Park have banded together to buy bottled water.

"I haven't had a bath. This makes four days," Cole said Sunday. "It's a mess having to tote water to flush the commode."

Maintenance manager Tim Wesley said that the park's well isn't working, likely because of a break in the water line.

"It's probably a tree root that grew from the line, and we just can't find it because it is so far down," Wesley said.

Park manager Linda Hernandez said they are working hard to get the water running. She said they have hired a few plumbers, but so far, they haven't been able to fix the problem.

Wesley said that he is very motivated to get water service restored. "I live here, too," he said. "I haven't had a shower in three days, not any."

Water service is part of the lease agreement residents sign to rent land in Horseshoe Mobile Home Park, near Simpkins and Lake Wheeler Road.

The park's Michigan-based owner didn't respond to phone calls from WRAL News Sunday.

Cole checked the faucet Sunday morning and found a trickle of running water for the first time in four days.

It lasted long enough to nearly fill up a gallon jug, then stopped again. She was back to rationing water from jugs.

"Without water, you can't do nothing," Cole said.