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Tips for avoiding commercial burglaries

Posted October 24, 2010 11:48 a.m. EDT

Cary police issued the following tips for business owners to protect their establishments from burglary.

  • Lighting: Ensure that all entry points to the building are properly illuminated. Make sure that all of the existing lighting is in good working order.
  • Doors: Make sure that you have heavy, updated locks and that they are in good working condition. One of the best security measures for a rear or side non-public door is a bar placed in u-brackets securing the door to the door frame.
  • Locks: Make sure that all doors, windows, and skylights are secured with the best possible locks. No lock is burglar-proof, but the harder it is to gain entry, the longer it will take, which increases the chances of getting caught.
  • Safes and registers: Do not leave large amounts of money in the safe or register overnight. Consider signage which states that no cash is left on the premises overnight. Safes should be secured to the floor and be visible from the outside.
  • Alarm and Video Systems: If utilizing an alarm system, make sure to have clearly visible signage stating the premises is protected by an alarm, and set your video systems to record overnight.
  • Report any suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists near commercial centers to police.