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Wake Forest subdivision spray painted with racial slurs

Residents of a Wake Forest subdivision woke up Saturday to find their neighborhood spray painted with racial slurs, police said.

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — Some Wake Forest residents woke up Saturday to find their neighborhood spray painted with racial slurs and other graffiti.

Police calls about the vandalism in the Carriage Run subdivision, off Ligon Mill Road, came in around 3:15 a.m.

Racial slurs were spray painted in red on a stop sign and in the roadway of Coach Lantern Avenue and Kemble Drive.

Jesse McKinney's home on Kemble Ridge Drive was also spray painted.

“I’d like to see it stopped,” he said.

McKinney said the neighborhood saw a previous racial incident about a year ago when he and several other neighbors were left a note in their mailboxes to "Join the Klan."

“You can be upset with a couple of idiots who would do something like this, but you can't be upset with the neighborhood because we have got decent neighbors,” McKinney said.

Harry Thompson agrees that the neighborhood is overall a good place to live.

"We have never had any problems. We don't believe that's what it is. We believe it could be a prank," Thompson said.

Thompson's driveway was spray painted early Saturday. He said his property was targeted before when someone stole an old lamp post

“It's just one of those things that happen every summer," he said.

Erica Paul also lives in the neighborhood, near the location where several mailboxes were spray painted and trees were covered with toilet paper early Saturday.  She said it was disturbing because her small children were asking questions about the vandalism.

“They asked, 'What was in the street?'" Paul said. "I just told them it was people being disrespectful and trying to hurt other people's feelings."

Investigators said they don't believe that a specific person was targeted. No arrests have been made.

Public Works crews were sent out to cover up the slurs and clean up the vandalism.



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