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Bride-to-be calls WRAL for help with dress store 'nightmare'

Posted July 30, 2010 10:24 p.m. EDT

— A bride-to-be who said she had trouble getting her dresses or a refund from the Raleigh store where she bought them, called WRAL News to help with her “nightmare” situation.

Ashley Johnson is getting married in a month. As the big day got closer, her bridesmaid dresses had not been delivered and were a month overdue, she said.

“I was told it would be in Friday. Then it was Monday,” she said. “A wedding is supposed to be stressful anyway, but (this company) made it a nightmare.”

Johnson said she already paid the company, Diamond's Bridal, half the cost of the six dresses and that getting a refund on that $600 wasn't easy either. She claims the dress manufacturer would not give her the dresses because they had not received payment from Diamond's Bridal.

“The payment we made to this company was not made to the manufacturer,” Johnson said.

WRAL reporter Adam Owens went to the owners of the company, who recently moved the business across the street. They did not want to be shown on camera, but agreed to read a statement.

“We do apologize for the situation she was put into,” said owner Sara Hipps. “We never denied a refund and did everything possible to solve the problem at hand.”

After a short phone conversation with WRAL, Johnson walked into the store and got her $600 back.

“If you hadn’t walked up here today, I would not have my money right now,” Johnson said to WRAL’s news crew.

Hipps confirmed that a refund had been given and said the company is “doing everything we can to prevent a similar situation from happening.”

“We are sorry for the situation and we hope she has a wonderful wedding,” Hipps added.

Johnson is now working with another store and the dress manufacturer directly. She hopes to have her dresses delivered next week.