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Unemployed men become 'bums'

After months of searching for jobs, two local unemployed men decided to become "bums."

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — After months of searching for jobs, two local unemployed men decided to become "bums."
Bill Gascoigne, of Raleigh, and Kyle Mankes, of Holly Springs, started the Brotherhood of Unemployed Men (B.U.M.) – an organization for men searching for jobs to network and share experiences.

"Through those relationships come contacts and opportunities," Gascoigne said on Tuesday during the group's weekly meeting at Woody’s Sports Tavern, 8322 Chapel Hill Road in Cary.

Each week, the guys talk about job postings and help each other with things like car repairs and housing concerns. Gascoigne said the moral support offered might be the most important part.

"There is a lot of pressure. There is a lot of guilt associated with being unemployed," Gascoigne said.

Gascoigne was a city manager in Michigan before moving to Raleigh with his family in search of new opportunities. He has been out of work for two years.

"The job hunt has been a learning experience, frustrating to say the least," he said.

Ronald Tomiello, one of about 70 men in the group, worked for a printing company which relocated his family to Raleigh from Chicago. They laid him off just after he closed on his house.

"This is my first time unemployed in over 30 years so it's a big shock for me," Tomiello said.

Mankes recently found a short-term contract job.

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