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Chapel Hill Council to consider ways to reduce deer population

Posted January 10, 2010 7:11 p.m. EST
Updated January 10, 2010 11:14 p.m. EST

— Homeowners in the Mt. Bolus neighborhood of Chapel Hill say deer have become such a nuisance they want them removed. The Town Council is scheduled to hear their concerns and discuss ways to curb overpopulation Monday.

"The development has just taken away all the space that used to be deer country,” Mt. Bolus homeowner Frank Fischer said.

"You feel like you are out in the woods, but you are in town,” Mt. Bolus homeowner Judy Bergman said. "This last spring, I saw 15 (deer) in my backyard."

From flowers to plants, Bergman says the deer eat everything in sight. She has tried to get rid of the animals herself.

"I have tried Irish Spring hanging soap, tin plates,” she said.

Bergman even strung fishing line across her property.

"That helps a little bit, the deer evidently don't like to hit that (and) they sensed it," she said.

Bergman started a petition to get council members to do something about deer overpopulation. Some neighbors want the town to hire professional deer bow hunters to reduce the population.

However, in a memo, town staff members said it was too dangerous and would have to be done repeatedly on a regular basis to be effective. Instead, they would like to send out informational packets on ways homeowners can protect their landscaping from deer.

Some of the suggestions include planting landscape materials that deer do not like to eat, the use of repellents and putting up 8-foot tall fences to keep the deer out.

The Town Council will consider the educational campaign and other recommendations, including deer sterilization, at Monday's meeting.