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Is your home prepared for the cold ahead?

Posted January 1, 2010 8:14 p.m. EST
Updated January 2, 2010 8:20 a.m. EST

— The Triangle is about to experience a cold snap with lows predicted in the teens early next week. With cool weather on the way, it’s time for homeowners to make sure their homes are prepared.

On Friday, Dan Dunbar prepared his Raleigh home for the cold weather.

“I’m doing a little raking, and I also took the hoses off the spigot to protect the faucets so they don’t freeze,” Dunbar said.

Mike Bolus’s Raleigh home is already weather-proofed.

“The whole house is insulated by storm windows,” Bolus said. “You can walk into the room and feel the difference. You don’t get any drafts.”

The windows could also help with energy costs during the winter, he said.

Cliff Graham, with Ace Hardware in Raleigh, suggested residents use weather stripping around windows and doors. People should also check the seal around floor vents and outlets and make sure there's adequate insulation in crawl spaces, attics and pull-down attic doors, which often go overlooked.

“If (attic doors) are not sealed up properly, a good thing to do is put some foam weather stripping around those or even put a piece of insulation, pull it up over the hole and then shut it. That’ll help keep the draft from that too,” Graham said.

Experts warn people to be careful when using space heaters. They should not be left unattended or placed too close to anything that can catch fire. The machines should also be kept clean. Dust and lint can build up inside, which can also spark a fire.