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N.C. Senators react to health care reform bill passing

Posted December 24, 2009 11:09 a.m. EST

Sen. Kay R. Hagan, (D) North Carolina:

“Today, the Senate passed a health care reform bill that reduces costs, expands coverage, and provides stability for North Carolina families,” Hagan said. “It prevents insurance companies from taking away your coverage when you get sick or discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. The bill reduces the waste, fraud and abuse that currently exists in the delivery of care, and it will save our country money by decreasing the mounting federal deficit. As we move forward, I will continue working to ensure that North Carolina’s families, seniors and small businesses have a seat at the table.”

Sen. Richard Burr, (R) North Carolina:

"Despite being marketed as a health care reform bill, the legislation we voted on today is nothing more than a massive expansion of the federal government. We have already learned about some of the budget gimmicks employed to deceive the American public about the true cost of this bill, and I fear that in the months and years to come, we will learn more and more about its destructive and irreversible consequences. The only winner in this deal is the federal government."