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Cooking conservation tips

Posted December 20, 2009 2:55 p.m. EST

  • Match the size of your pan to the size of the burner.
  • There is no significant difference in the time it takes to boil cold water versus hot water. He suggests using cold water, so you don't waste energy with the hot water heater.
  • Keep food and water covered while cooking on the stove. It helps keep heat in the pan.
  • Cook more than you need, and freeze the leftovers. Then use a microwave to heat it for later meals
  • Choose glass or cermaic pans for the oven. They heat faster than metal pans, and you can set the temperature 25 degrees lower than a recipe suggests for the same cooking time.
  • Use only as much water as you need in a pot. Each extra drop requires more energy to heat and increases the cooking time.