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License suspended at Raleigh assisted living facility

Posted November 20, 2009 6:05 p.m. EST
Updated November 20, 2009 10:55 p.m. EST

— Staff at a Raleigh assisted living center left residents to care for themselves, and neglected their nutritional and personal care needs, according to a report last month by the state Division of Health Service Regulation.

The report, dated Oct. 8, showed residents at the Jones Family Care Home, 3620 Barwell Road, were left alone on several occasions in the facility without a working telephone or air conditioning unit. One resident said “they would walk to the local fire station if they needed help,” according to the report.

The DHSR suspended the facility's license to operate and admit residents following the report. An intent to revoke the facility's license has also been filed. The facility cared for up to six patients.

"We were just doing an annual inspection and we got in there and found a situation that wasn't a healthy one for the residents and took appropriate action to make sure they were somewhere else to get proper attention and care," said Jim Jones with the Department of Health & Human Services.

On Oct. 6, four residents were left alone at the facility. One resident was found to be walking in a busy street with two-way traffic.

Adult protective services contacted local law enforcement about the safety of the residents at the home since they had been left alone. Law enforcement contacted emergency medical services to check on the residents.

Medical workers found one of the residents to be suffering from untreated diaper rash. His skin was also found to be peeling on his shoulders, arms and back. The resident said he asked to go to the hospital but staff members refused to take him.

An administrator later said she had planned to schedule an appointment for the resident and suggested the resident may have gone to the hospital because he enjoys "socialization." 

The residents were left alone on Oct. 6, while a staff member transported two residents to doctor's appointments.

The administrator told representatives of the DHSR that the staff member should have called a cab to pick up the residents from their appointments. The administrator also said the residents were not bedbound and could do things for themselves, according to the report.

One resident suffering seizure disorder, paranoid schizophrenia and other illnesses was found to be bathed only once a week. The resident’s care plan showed he needed supervision and has limited assistance with grooming, bathing and dressing.

On Oct. 6, the resident’s fingernails were found to extend one inch beyond his nail beds and were pressing into the palm of his hand. He told DHSR representatives that the staff cut his fingernails but could not recall the last time they were cut.

Staff members said the resident’s sister normally cut his fingernails and she had not visited for about two months.

DHSR representatives also found residents with poor hygiene, “molded underwear” and bed sores. One resident had underwear caked with dried and wet urine.

Residents also said they were left unsupervised waiting for transportation back to the facility outside of a local community building on three separate occasions this year.

On July 30, residents waited nearly four hours for a ride. Police were called because of the concern for the welfare of the residents.

The facility failed to provide a three-day supply of perishable food and a five-day supply of non-perishable food in the facility, according the report.

Resident interviews found that the facility also did not usually serve breakfast in the mornings.

Some residents also reported not receiving their medications.

WRAL Investigates' calls to administrator Herman Jones and licensee Georgia Jones were unreturned Friday.

The owners of Jones Family Care Home have responded to the State's intent to revoke their license. That information is currently under review.