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Tips for fraud and robbery victims

Posted October 29, 2009 2:04 p.m. EDT

The Rocky Mount Police Department offered these tips for people who become the victim of fraud or robbery.

Contact the Rocky Mount Police Department

If you have an emergency, call 911. You may call 972-1411 for non-emergencies. Remain calm as the telecommunicator asks what has happened, and give as many details as possible. Remember, the telecommunicator needs information from you!

If You Have Been Robbed

Do exactly as you are told to do in order to minimize your chances of being injured and to speed the departure of your assailant before the assailant gets other ideas. The assailant, in most cases, does want to hang around much longer than you want him to. Your money and other valuables can be replaced. If they cannot be replaced, do not let that thought cause you to hesitate. You certainly cannot be replaced.

Do not leave with the suspect if possible. Leaving the scene increases the likelihood of your physical danger. If you have the opportunity, make as much noise as possible if you observe an assailant approaching you. Blow your car horn, scream, yell and bring attention to you. This may result in the robber leaving you alone.

Try to obtain a good description of the suspect(s) and the direction and mode (on foot, vehicle) of escape. It is always a good idea to have a second billfold with a few dollars and a few important looking cards in it to give to an attacker should the need arise. Keep your real cash and cards in an interior pocket not easily accessible by the robber. Do not resist any attempt the attacker may make to search your pockets, however. Remember, survival is imperative! Call the police!

If You Have Been a Victim of a Fraud

The object of any con game/fraud is to cause you to part with your money or other thing of value. Most con games/frauds are initiated by people who approach you on the street or call on you at your home. Be suspicious of ANY plan, idea, scheme, business deal or whatever that requires you to part with your money on short notice. If you feel you have been the victim of a con game, fraud or an illegal business practice, notify the police. Do not be embarrassed or hesitant to tell the authorities for fear of ridicule. The sooner you notify the police the greater your chances of recovering your property. You may not be the only victim of whatever group is operating, and your statements and those of other victims may help in apprehending the suspects. Be prepared to give the police a detailed description of the suspect, the particulars of the con game/fraud and if any vehicle was involved.