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Ten dogs seized from Garner home euthanized

It could be at least 10 days before some of the dogs seized from a Garner home on Wednesday could be placed up for adoption.

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GARNER, N.C. — It could be at least 10 days before some of the dogs seized from a Garner home could be placed up for adoption, Wake County's animal control director said Thursday.
Animal control officers on Wednesday seized 27 dogs – including a dead puppy – from a home on Bournemouth Lane.

Michael Williams, director of the Wake County Animal Control and Adoption Center said that 10 of the animals were euthanized because they tested positive for parvovirus, a contagious virus among canines that wipes out the intestinal tract.

About half of all cases are fatal. Williams said that although parvo is treatable, it is so contagious that it is impossible to treat a dog in a shelter environment without spreading the disease.

"The goal is to try to find homes for all the dogs," Williams said. "The seriousness of parvo and their illness will keep us from doing that."

Three other dogs were transferred to rescue groups, and the 13 remaining dogs will be monitored for 10 days before they will be considered for adoption.

Some of the animals also suffered from intestinal parasites and mange – both conditions, Williams said, were treatable and manageable.

Garner police said the animals' caretaker likely would not be charged and that the animals were taken because she had too many for her neighborhood, as outlined in Garner's town ordinance.

She was attempting to rescue the dogs from shelters to keep them from being euthanized, authorities said.

"As I understand it, she would adopt these dogs off Craigslist and then try to make sure she then found them a good home," Garner police spokesman Chris Clayton said.

"(It was a case of) simply somebody trying to do good, but had just more dogs than the resources she had," he added.