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Learn new skills with the click of a mouse

The program offers more than 300 affordable online courses every month in categories ranging from graphic design to computer applications to art to history.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Looking to beef up your résumé by picking up some new skills? The Wake County Public School System can help with its online learning program, "Click to Learn."

The program offers more than 300 online classes with categories ranging from graphic design and computer programming to art and history.

Pricing begins at $72 per class and each lasts six weeks. New classes start up each month.

Secretary Pat Bogdanski recently finished an introductory technical writing class and a computer programming class.

"It was just some different things to increase my knowledge and maybe move forward in another position some day," Bogdanski said.

Beth Lynch, Wake schools' coordinator of online learning, says the organized lessons are perfect for the busy professional, the hobbyist or the job seeker.

"People want to take courses to beef up their résumé," she said. "They might have been laid off. We've had several people laid off who called."

"Click to Learn" also offers extended six-month career-training programs for certification in a number of areas, including health care and fitness, IT and software development, media and design and hospitality and gaming.

"If you have any thoughts of taking a class, and you fear that you couldn't keep up or weren't really sure, I think it's a great way to try," Bogdanski said.