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Renovated Raleigh elementary school adjusts to cuts

Posted August 24, 2009 4:10 p.m. EDT
Updated August 24, 2009 6:54 p.m. EDT

— Lacy Elementary reopened Monday after a $22 million rebuilding project that almost didn’t happen.

Lacy Elementary, 2001 Lake Boone Trail, started the project in April 2008 to add new classrooms and upgrades to the playground and parking area.

When budget cuts forced a lot of schools construction projects to be put on hold, Principal Marcia Alford said the school’s project was “on the bubble.”

The construction was funded by Wake County as part of a 2006 school bond referendum.

“We were far enough along that it would be more expensive to stop it, so we were able to continue,” Alford said.

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Last week, Lacy Elementary reduced its budget after more than $35 million in state funding cuts. There were losses in technology, books, transportation and employees, Alford said.

“There is no way to get around having fewer people in the building,” Alford said. “You are going to see classes that are a little larger and some classes that do not have full-time assistants.”

Wake County Schools Superintendent Del Burns said parents around the district will notice other things missing too.

“We are going to see some electives not being offered in some of our secondary schools and we are going to see some reduction in services as a result,” Burns said.