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NC Wanted camera spots Jason Young

Jason Young, the primary suspect in his wife's 2006 murder, finally broke his silence when NC WANTED traveled to a Transylvania County gym.

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Jason Young, the primary suspect in his wife's 2006 murder, was playing basketball at a Transylvania County gym, when NC Wanted producers approached.

Young's wife, Michelle Young, was five months pregnant when she was beaten to death inside the couple's Wake County home on November 3, 2006. Search warrants and other documents related to the investigation have pointed to one suspect – Jason Young.

Investigators say that to this day, Jason Young refuses to speak with them about his wife’s murder.

Thanks to a tip from a viewer, NC Wanted learned that Young would be playing basketball at the Transylvania County Activities Center.

The NC Wanted camera captured footage of Young playing in the first half of his basketball game.

During halftime, Young entered the gym lobby and initiated a conversation with the NC Wanted producer.

“Whatcha shooting for?” Young asked.

"I'm shooting with NC Wanted, and I wanted to know if I could have a couple of words with you," the producer said.

"About what?" Young said.

"The murder in Raleigh? Michelle Young?"

"You came here for that?" Young said.

“Sure. It’s a big deal,” the producer said.

“Talk to this guy; he’s the gym manager,” Young said as he walked inside the gym behind one of his teammates.

“It’s kind of bush for you to put the camera in somebody’s face,” the teammate said.

“But this is not a normal situation. This guy is the primary suspect in a high-profile murder investigation,” the producer said.

“Yeah, he’s a suspect, but has he been convicted of anything?” the teammate said.

During this interaction, Young walked from the gym to the lobby then to the gym manager’s office. The NC Wanted producer walked with him.

“Why won’t you talk to investigators? It’s just a simple act to talk to them about your murdered wife,” the producer said.

Jason Young did not respond.

Young and the gym manager eventually emerged to play the second half of the basketball game. As play got underway, tensions rose when one of the players threw the basketball directly at our producer, hitting him in the face.

The gym manager then blew the whistle, stopping play.

“All right, no cameras in the gym. I checked with my boss. Out of the building!” the gym manager said.

The Transylvania County Activities Center is a public place, and the NC Wanted camera was permitted to be there.

The Michelle Young murder case has received national attention, and NC Wanted's footage is the first time Jason has been captured on camera since his wife's funeral.

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