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Cary residents root for trees

Posted July 20, 2009 11:31 p.m. EDT
Updated July 21, 2009 5:48 a.m. EDT

— A plan to cut down 90 trees in the Applecross townhome community, located off Cary Parkway between Old Apex Road and Lake Pine Drive, is causing controversy.

The property manager company says the homeowners association asked for the trees to be removed because the roots were breaking up sidewalks and streets, and some trees were diseased.

“This is not an emergency situation. There is no eminent danger to health and safety. And yet, there seemed to have been a great deal of urgency on their (property management's) part,” said resident Malinda Rathbone.

Rathbone and other homeowners met with the homeowners association's board of directors and the property manager Monday evening to discuss the trees.  They are upset that the trees were slated to be cut with little or no notice.

Other residents said if the trees are diseased, they should go.

“Our unit has four trees that are infatuating our crawl space, and it is causing damage. If a tree needs to come down, and it is going to be replaced with something beautiful, and not cause damage to the house, then I think it is something that is necessary and needs to be done," Applecross resident, Melissa Tolhurst, said.

The association's plan is to replace the diseased trees with new tress and shrubs at homeowners' expense.

Meanwhile, the Town of Cary has told the community to put the tree plan on hold until a site plan is submitted and approved.