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LinkedIn Do's and Dont's

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Pathfinders, a Kansas City-based IT company, has developed a training course in how to properly use LinkedIn.  They shared some of their tips.


Build up your profile to 100 percent by posting your picture, getting three recommendations, stating your job history for at least the past 5 years, listing your skill sets, etc.

Keep your profile up-to-date, and offer a weekly update on your professional status that is sharp, relevant and marketable.

Stay active on LinkedIn by continuing to expand your network virtually and in-person at local networking events.


Do not use LinkedIn as a personal or social update of yourself like Facebook, MySpace or Tweeter. It is intended to show case your skills and professional assets you can offer a potential employer or client.

Do not forget to spell check and grammar check your information. Many users fall to these simple error checks and it can look very unprofessional.

Do not forget to add your e-mail address on your LinkedIn profile if you wish for recruiters and hiring managers to contact you.

Do not post personal information; keep it professional.

Do not decline others who wish to connect with you. If you do not wish to connect, then archive.

Do not ask for too many recommendations at one time. LinkedIn and others will think you are spamming.

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