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UNC fans turn Greensboro into sea of light blue

Posted March 19, 2009 5:59 p.m. EDT
Updated March 19, 2009 7:31 p.m. EDT

— University of North Carolina fans flooded Greensboro on Thursday to watch their Tar Heels decimate Radford University.

“I’m enjoying it,” UNC fan Latonya Hall said. “You see the sea of blue, a little bit of red, but mostly blue.”

Cobi Bruner sported a Tar Heel wig he got for Christmas. “I’m a true Tar Heel," he said.

The light blue was everywhere, to the dismay of some Duke fans who likened Tar Heel fans to “cockroaches – you can’t get rid of them.”

UNC fan Justin Cole was torn as the Tar Heels played his alma mater Radford University, from Virginia. To show support for both teams he wore a custom-made jersey with Radford on the front and UNC on the back.

“It’s a win-win really if you look at it. My team will win,” Cole said.

Cole wasn’t the only UNC fan with a dilemma. Longtime Tar Heel fan Jessica Brubaker is a student at Radford. She decided to support the Highlanders.

“It’s kind of a tough decision for me,” Brubaker said.

Despite the Tar Heel victory, fans were thinking of player Ty Lawson, who was sidelined from Thursday’s game with a toe injury.

“I am a little bit bummed about that, but I know they’re gonna save the best for last. Let him heal up and when it comes down to the wire, gonna put him back in there,” Hall said.