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Opinion: Student's view about the stimulus bill

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Jimmy Doster

The fear of Friday the 13th is known as para-skave-deka-tria-phobia and its name is a combination of Greek words. Last Friday was the 13th, and North Carolina’s YMCA Youth and Government held a conference in Raleigh for 1,000 students from across the state. We acted as North Carolina representatives and senators while learning and practicing the process actual members of the General Assembly perform.

WRAL reported on the conference, but focused on national politics by asking four students about the historic 1,071-page bill that was passed by the United States Congress on Friday the 13th. The report lacked the questions and concerns other students who were not interviewed had. Therefore the rest of this article is formatted as if on the Senate floor debating the bill to show the readers what we did at the conference.

President of the Senate: Now we will begin a period of pro-con debate. Are there any con speakers on the floor? Sen. Doster.
Doster: Thank you Mr. President. I rise in negation of this bill.
President of the Senate: That is your right.
Doster: You would think the politicians on Capitol “Hill” could see and think far ahead into the distance and future from where they’re standing, but that is not that case. Over the course of time the dollar will collapse, all fiat money does due to inflation, and each party will be blaming everyone else but themselves. Is it really too hard to realize that creating more money out of thin air decrease the buying power of the dollars already in our pockets? And look at the Republicans who now stand nearly united against government intervention into the market place. I wonder where this current stance on fiscal policy was before Jan. 20? Does anyone else find this even the slightest bit questionable? Where is a party that stands behind their principles? And, respectfully, President Obama, when was the last time government had ZERO intervention into the market place? You have consistently attacked “the policies of the last eight years” and labeled them “free market” or “laissez-fair economics.” Mr. President, what is your definition of “laissez-faire economics”? The policies of the former administration do not fit the following definition: zero government interference into the market. Look at that, a 17-year -old asking questions. Will those representatives who “represent” the people answer these questions? Wait, is there anyone who represents us? I yield my time.

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