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Weldon aims to be tourist destination

Officials hope to turn the small Halifax County town that sits along the Roanoke River into tourist destination.

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WELDON, N.C. — The small Halifax County town of Weldon is hoping to bring in new business by renovating old abandoned mills.

Crews in Weldon are busy putting the finishing touches on the old cotton mill, renovated by a private developer, which is expected to open early next year as an antique mall and artisans gallery called Riverside Mill.

Town leaders say it is part of a plan to revitalize the area along the Roanoke River in hope of it becoming a tourist destination.

"The river seems to be the flow of life for the town," Town Commissioner Andy Whitby said.

The town has received a $30,000 grant from the North Carolina Rural Center for planning to revitalize the area along the river. Once the plan is in place, it will receive an additional $100,000 to implement it.

The river and businesses along it, Whitby said, will be a key toward bringing people and revenue to Weldon.

"I want to see Weldon as a very prosperous community with all of these buildings built up," he said.