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Tax holiday set for energy-saving appliances

Posted November 5, 2008 2:12 p.m. EST

— North Carolina consumers can save a bit on energy-efficient appliances this weekend during the state’s first tax holiday for such items.

The tax-free weekend runs Friday through Sunday and covers items like washers, freezers, refrigerators and other appliances that carry the “Energy Star” label.

“In today’s tough economy, families need a break wherever they can find one. This tax holiday will help them save money they can use for food, gas, rent or other necessities,” Gov. Mike Easley said in a statement. “In addition, purchasing an 'Energy Star' appliance is a step toward keeping our environment cleaner, something we should all strive to do.”

“Energy Star” products are designed to operate more efficiently, resulting in the production of less greenhouse gas. The products also use less energy, saving consumers money on their power bills. The products meet the energy efficient standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

By using these appliances last year, Americans reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal that released by 27 million cars, officials said. Americans also saved $16 billion on their utility bills during the year with the appliances.

“It’s exciting that, for the first time ever, North Carolina is offering a tax-free holiday on Energy Star appliances, helping consumers lower their energy bills and save money,” Pat Carstensen, chairman of the North Carolina Sierra Club executive committee, said in a statement.

Items purchased for use in a trade or business and for rentals are not covered by the exemption. Purchases of qualifying “Energy Star” products by contractors who will install the products in structures for customers are subject to the tax even when purchased during the holiday.