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Gun sales up in Triangle

Posted October 8, 2008 4:10 p.m. EDT
Updated October 8, 2008 6:56 p.m. EDT

— Some Triangle shop owners report a steady increase in gun sales, which they credit to the struggling national economy.

This year so far, sales at the Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center in Raleigh are up about 35 percent, owner Mike Tilley said.

“Probably most of this year we’ve seen sales and class attendance increase. In fact, our classes right now are so full that we’re suspending taking any reservations right now until November,” Tilley said.

Triangle area shop owners said when the economy’s down, the public perception of crime goes up.

“Crime is hitting home. It’s not just something you hear about on the news. It’s down the street and the next-door neighbors,” Tilley said.

Wayne Chase said he got a gun following several unexplained incidents, including a screen popped out of a window, at his home. He now practices with his gun up at least once or twice a week.

“A lot of my friends and family alike have been…looking into gun sales when they usually wouldn’t even think about owning a gun,” Chase said.

Tilley said business is also booming for Tasers and other weapons.

“People are afraid and they know that the only person responsible for their own protection is themselves and so they’re looking for ways to do it,” Tilley said.