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Fayetteville dog owner could face animal cruelty charges

Posted October 2, 2008 6:00 p.m. EDT
Updated October 2, 2008 9:33 p.m. EDT

— The owner of a pack of dogs could face animal cruelty charges after Cumberland County Animal Control officers removed seven dogs from their home on Carlos Avenue Thursday.

Residents are allowed to have three dogs. If a person has more than three dogs, those dogs must be spayed or neutered. The animals also must be properly cared for.

“We did find no water for them, no dog houses available. And one other charge that could be filed against them would be for not having rabies shots,” Animal Control Investigator Alan Canady said.

The owner's name has not been released.

Neighbors called the police early Thursday after the pack of dogs, which included a pit bull mix, began attacking one of their own – a small puppy.

“It was awful. You would have thought they were killing the dog, as bad as it was yelping,” neighbor Dee Everitte said.

A city police officer sprayed the dogs to break up the fight. The puppy wasn't badly injured, animal control officers said.

Officers seized the dogs.

Neighbors said this was not the first time the dogs were roaming the neighborhood off of Carlos Avenue.

"It's been an ongoing problem for over a year,” neighbor Marci Dees said. "Walking across the street, they will chase you. They're always in your yard.”

According to neighbors, the dogs even pinned a disabled woman against the railing of her ramp.

Neighbors said they have called for help before, but Animal Control officials could only confirm a dog bite call at the same location in 1998.