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Video of student fights going online

Posted October 1, 2008 5:46 p.m. EDT
Updated October 3, 2008 4:15 p.m. EDT

— Experts say video of teens fighting is becoming more common on social networking sites like YouTube and Myspace and is a reflection of how teens communicate.

A video recently posted on YouTube of what appears to be two local girls from West Johnston High School fighting and other students recording it. To the right of the video are more links of other teens fighting.

What once would be a matter for high school classmates is now posted on the Internet to anyone.

"Young people have lost this notion of public space versus private space," said Dr. Robert Schrag, a communications professor at North Carolina State University. "They spend their lives through screens."

Since more and more people now have a camera at their fingertips, lawmakers have struggled to deal with what's appropriate on social networking sites.

"We also worry about the future of teens who put these embarrassing videos and pictures for the whole world to see," said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Cooper has joined other states to make social sites safer from online predators, which partly means removing violent and offensive content.

"When you put it on a video, it encourages more people to do it," Cooper said.