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County to review report on Orange Rescue Squad

Posted September 9, 2008 5:23 p.m. EDT
Updated September 9, 2008 9:15 p.m. EDT


— The Orange County Board of Commissioners will review a report on the Orange County Rescue Squad Tuesday night as part of the ongoing investigation into the squad's practices.

In July, the volunteer squad was asked to stand down after a preliminary report showed some practices that might have endangered squad members and others.

The report to be presented to the commissioners Tuesday, prepared by the Orange County Emergency Manangement Department, outlines specific concerns including:

  • The Orange County Rescue Squad responded to a call of a person in the water on July 17, 2007, but did not bring boat.
  • A squad vehicle responding to a call in June 2008 did not have its doors secured, resulting in equipment falling out along road on the way to the call.
  • Members of the squad showed up 16 times at scenes to which they were not dispatched.

A statement signed by seven Orange County fire chiefs supports the order for the squad to stand down and recommends that it be made permanent. "No consideration should be given to the reinstatement of the Orange County Rescue Squad," the statement concludes.