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Durham police: 30 vehicles vandalized overnight

Durham police officers are investigating at least 30 reports of vandalized vehicles, which they believe happened overnight. Car windows were shot out with BB guns and tires were slashed, according to investigators.

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DURHAM, N.C. — Police officers say at least 30 vehicles were vandalized overnight Thursday in a section of town called Old North Durham.

The vandalism was reported in the area of Monmouth Avenue, North Street and Trinity Avenue. Car windows were shot out with BB guns, and tires were slashed, according to investigators.

Homeowner Bobb Head said two of his cars were hit, and one had two windows smashed in.

"It's keeping me home from work today, because I have to run cars to the shop and back, and I have to call insurance companies," Head said.

Unfortunately, Head said, he did not have comprehensive insurance on his Mitsubishi Montero, so he'll pay for those repairs out of pocket. He estimated it will cost about $750 to repair both vehicles.

Head said he would like whoever did the damage to also pay.

"I'd like to see them caught," he said. "Apprehension would be nice."

Police said they did not have any suspects on Friday afternoon. Most residents said they did not hear anything unusual on Thursday night.

One resident said he heard a sound like a bottle breaking but did not think anything of it.

Residents of Old North Durham said that they had been working hard to revitalize the neighborhood and that they are determined to not let the vandalism ruin those efforts.

"This is a good neighborhood," homeowner Keith Phillips said. "I won't leave. I'm not going to let this kind of thing drive me out of here."



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