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Easley? Edwards? Burr? All are 'veep' names

North Carolina names are flying in the debate over whom the presidential candidates will choose as running mates.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Names are flying in the debate over who the presidential candidates will choose as running mates.

The blog of a CNN political producer has two North Carolina names on the Democratic short list.

Gov. Mike Easley is mentioned as a popular Southern governor. The blog also says Easley's endorsement of Hillary Clinton could help unite the party.

His cons? The blogger cites Easley's lack of foreign policy experience.

In a statement, the governor says he'll do anything he can to help Sen. Barack Obama get elected.

However, in an interview posted on WRAL.com on June 10, Easley says he would not be interested in being the VP.
"I am honored to have served the people of North Carolina for almost 30 years. I like it so much, I am going to stay in North Carolina," he said.

The other name is former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards. In recent interviews, he's left open the possibility if Obama ever asked.

WRAL News asked a couple of area Democratic political consultants about the prospect of Edwards or Easley on the ticket. They said neither was a good fit and couldn't even guarantee the state.

There's a North Carolina name being bandied around on the Republican side of the ticket, too.

He's not on the CNN blog, but some have suggested Sen. Richard Burr could end up as John McCain's running mate. Burr has campaigned for McCain and even spent Super Tuesday with the candidate.

Burr told WRAL earlier this year that the speculation was premature, but that he would accept if the position were offered.