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Tiered rates in effect for Durham water customers

Posted July 1, 2008 4:21 p.m. EDT

— Durham water customers can expect their use to be reflected in their bills by the end of the summer.

Beginning Tuesday, the city will begin using tiered rates, in which customers who consume more water pay a higher price per unit (100 cubic feet, or about 748 gallons) than those that use less.

Monthly customers will see the change on the bills delivered in August; bi-monthly customers will see the change on their September bills.

According to the city, most residential customers will fall in the Tier 3 range, using about sixteen units, at $1.98 per unit, over a two-month billing period.

Those who conserve water will pay the lowest rate, $1.72 per unit. The city has provided a calculator to estimate water costs, and suggestions for cutting back on water use on its Web site.